When Kyle was little, he would eat bologna as a snack.

Now, Kyle directs theatre and makes music videos. His stage work is musically motivated and physically adventurous. He is most interested in investigating how the past has effected who we are today through movement and music driven theatre. He loves actors, design, and when the two interact with one another. He recently acquired a loop station and a drum machine, so he’s currently trying to figure out how those things can be put on stage. He also has become obsessed with modern dance.

His theatrical heroes are Bertolt Brecht, Pina Bausch, Ivo Van Hove, Yaël Farber, Lila Neugebauer, Daniel Fish, Lee Sunday Evans, Rachel Chavkin(but so is everyones), Suzan Lori Parks + Oskar Eustis, Samuel D. Hunter, Les Waters, Grace McLean + Annie Tippe.


His dream projects include radical interpretations of You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Bye Bye Birdie and Urinetown.

He has a dream that one day Mumford and Sons will write a musical about the Beat Generation writers and he will direct it.

He studies Directing + Film/Screen Studies at PACE University.

He also makes music videos. Those he finds very fun.